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Book, screenplay and script writing courses in India

Creative writing courses in India - book, screenplay and script writing courses in India

Creative writing courses:

Book, screenplay and script writing courses in India

If you want to learn how to become a writer, want to learn creative writing, and looking for book, screenplay and script courses in India,  then you’re at the right place. To know creative writing courses and career opportunities in the field of writing, Kiwi Institute of creative learning is the perfect place for you. It is the only creative writing institute in India that has its own publishing house and associations and tie-ups with literature and film industry (Bollywood) giants.

Yes, you have a writer inside you because we believe that everyone has a writer inside him, you just need to let your imagination go subconscious and let your dreams to emanate. Join us and learn how to write a book or a screenplay and how to become a writer.

creative writing courses

Writing fiction

writing nonfiction


Creative writing courses in India - book, screenplay and script writing courses in India
Creative writing courses in India - book, screenplay and script writing courses in India
Fiction / Nonfiction Writing

Fiction / Nonfiction Writing

Literature has a wide range of genres and all those forms of literature can either be fictional or nonfictional. Fiction is one that is based on imagination and fantasies. As against, Nonfiction implies the form of writing which talks about real events, people and facts. In short, we can say that fiction represents something which is not true, it is unreal, whereas nonfiction indicates a factual account.

       fiction writing:             

Get started with your own fiction writing, focusing on the central skill of creating characters, with this hands-on course.

This course is intended for those with an interest in starting to write fiction or improving their fiction writing. They do not require any previous experience of studying this subject.

You’ll consider the rituals of writing and keeping a journal; learn how to develop your ideas; reflect on your own writing and editing; hear writers talk about their approach to research; and start turning events into plot. You’ll also have the opportunity to review the work of fellow writers and receive comments on your own, learning to read as a writer and respond to feedback.

        Nonfiction writing:

It’s a big deal to begin writing a nonfiction book when you haven’t done it before. There’s a lot to learn and it is a ton of work.

Nonfiction is a blanket term for prose accounts of real people, places, objects, or events. This can serve as an umbrella encompassing everything from Creative Nonfiction and Literary Nonfiction to Advanced Composition, Expository Writing, and Journalism.

Types of nonfiction include articles, autobiographies, biographies, essays, memoirs, nature writing, profiles, reports, sports writing, and travel writing.


Screenwriting, simply, is the art of penning down scripts for feature films, short films, television, documentaries and advertisements. Screenwriters are responsible for creating the storyline and characters that make up a movie script, structuring how the narrative shall flow, writing dialogues and how they must be delivered.

A professional screenwriter has a huge influence over the final outcome of a project, be it the energy of the narrative, the emotional impact of the story as it translates on film, TV, documentaries & advertisements or the characterization of people in various roles.

This screenwriting course aims at helping you discover your own style of writing and find your voice. This screenwriting course consists of subjects such as Elements of Screenplay, Character Development, Building and Diffusing Conflicts, Screen Design, Dialogue, Structure, Analysis of short films and the Hero’s Journey. Through this syllabus, we’ll help you hone your skills and your intuition for human emotion. 

Creative writing courses in India - book, screenplay and script writing courses in India

Creative writing courses

What is Creative Writing?

Writing has many different purposes. Some writing informs, such as technical or academic. Some writing reports, like journalism. While some writing, however, exists to tell a story or express an idea that falls outside of the rules-based academic or technical world. Creative writing involves any writing stretches the boundaries of journalism or technical writing, inhabiting a world where the story is precious. Creative writing has many forms. Literature and poetry are the most well-known, but writing that expands narrative traditions and develops through characters could also be considered creative.

Learn Creative Writing

The act of creative writing has many different benefits. It could help with mental health and overall well-being. It can teach empathy. Creative writers are often innovative individuals because of their ability to make connections where others wouldn’t. If nothing else, proficiency in creative writing can help build your communication skills.  Learning the basics of creative writing gives you skills you can use in other fields and could help release stress and aid in your overall well-being.

Why Creative Writing is Important?

We focus a lot on building a career, but studying creative writing can help you with a range of other fields. Character development, writing prompts, and other practices help you think in new ways. Creative non-fiction can help you focus on and build communication skills. Even a short story can teach you how to make an excellent point. Outside of these skills, creativity is a critical part of the human experience. Writing skills help you communicate and are a part of liberal arts, which offer the chance to see the world in a new light.

Why learn Creative Writing? 

You Love Stories

creative writing courses in India -love stories
Whether it be superheroes trying to save the day or two unlikely people falling in love; stories move you, enthrall you, and keep you up at night. You can't wait to write one yourself.


Impact of creative writing courses in India
Be it a novel that stirs people, or a feature that mobilizes the masses, or a print ad that moves the bottom line, the impact of your work is real.

Diverse opportunities

Opportunities with Kiwi Books India
Learning creative writing can help you build your career as a published author, blogger, editor, news reporter, screenwriter or publisher.

Why you should join us to learn writing?

We are the only creative writing institute in India who have its own publishing house and associations with literature and film industry (Bollywood) giants.  Join us for the best creative writing courses in India.

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